Vegan Recipes

Starting to sit down and eat a meal when coming from a background with an eating disorder is a challenge that not a lot of people could understand. We restrict, and subcategories foods into what we ‘can’ and ‘can’t’ have. I did the exact same thing. Taking time to sit down and eat the meal was the worst part. But, it’s also the best part. Nourishing yourself with proper, wholesome and organic produce is key to the recovery process. These nutrients allow you to see that what you’re doing is right!

I’ve uploaded some of my own recipes which are easy to follow, contain proper wholesome foods that nourish and help your body function. At the same time, i’ve kept in mind foods that are ‘scary’ to me, so these recipes present food in a ‘friendly’ way. 

By eating a proper meal you keep away binge cravings, get constant nutrition and allow yourself to be open to more social occasions.

I’m by no means a doctor. I’m just using recipes from my own personal experiences that I am comfortable eating.