I hope you enjoy reading Regain and Rejoice!

I’m a young adult living in Brisbane who has wanted to start an online support for others who are battling the same on going challenges of everyday life. This is a space to read articles, view recipes and be uplifted! Sure, some of my stories highlight darker days – but each day is a new challenge to look into the light and be uplifted.

Our darkness subsequently affects others around you. My goal is to create a light that is an outlet for me and a way to support the wider community.

My background? I’ve been suffering from disordered eating for about 2 years. I came from a past of being ashamed of how much I weighed – as I was over weight and unhealthy. Then, I made a radical change to get healthy, but primarily loose weight. This spiraled out of control as I became consumed by the weight I could loose. I let it define me, my personality and my worth.

I’m gladly out of my darkest days. Now – i’m writing to reflect on my experiences, to uplift others and allow myself to become comfortable with the body I have in the present.